Most of english speakers have some trouble when translating the verb TO BE to Spanish. In this post we give you a Golden Rule that will help you on your Yellow Brick Road to Spanish Languaje. Welcome!!!! – Richard Clark –

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We translate the verb TO BE under two possibilities which are the verb SER and the verb ESTAR

Verb ESTAR : almost 90% of the times we use the verb ESTAR when:

  1. We talk about positions; how do we recognize it’s a position? When we can answer the questions “where is?” or “where are?”
    • I am at the beach = Yo estoy en la playa
    • He is at the school = El está en la escuela
    • The dentist is on the second floor = El dentista está en la segunda planta
  2. We talk about moods:
    • I am angry = Yo estoy enfadado
    • We are happy = Nosotros estamos contentos

Verb SER : use it for the rest and youll be ok.

  • I am tall = Yo soy alto
  • We are clever = Nosotros somos inteligente
  • The flower ir red = La flor es roj
  • The sky is blue = El cielo es azul

If you follow that rule youll be OK most of th times

GAME: Choose between the two answers “a” or “b”

  1. I am angry
    1. Yo soy enfadado
    2. Yo estoy enfadado
  2. We are clever
    1. Nosotros somos inteligentes
    2. Nosotros estamos inteligentes
  3. They are at th beach
    1. Ellos son en la playa
    2. Ellos están en la playa
  4. They are cousins
    1. Ellos son primos
    2. Ellos están primos

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